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Located in La Verne California, Paul Myers has created a zen space for you to pamper yourself with the ultimate spa treatment that leaves you inches smaller!

Paul makes you feel completely at ease with yourself and knows just how to sculpt the right areas. -Rebecca M.

With over 8 years as a personal trainer and an eye for a healthy sculpted physique, Paul can now use advanced ultrasound techniques to target stubborn areas and get you the results you need pain free and without the gym.


Non-Surgical Body Sculpting


Ultrasound cavitation uses ultrasound to cause a cavitation effect in the inter-cellular fluid surrounding subcutaneous fat cells...

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Radio Frequency uses RF energy to heat tissues and stimulate the production of sub dermal collagen production in order to reduce...

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High intensity 650 nm light transmits thermal energy into subcutaneous fat cells, creating a chemical signal that causes the fat cell to...

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See what our customers have to say about us!

★★★★★ “My husband and I were amazed with the results!  I had spent thousands of dollars on other treatments that never produced these kind’s of results.   And it was totally painless. My husband was so impressed that he tried a treatment and immediately lost one inch in his waist! Candice J.

★★★★★ I work-out at the gym five days a week and have always had a couple areas of fat that I could never get rid of, no matter how much I exercised and dieted.  On the very first treatment I lost a half an inch just on my stomach. I have had my thighs and hips done also and I am absolutely thrilled with this procedure.  I have told all my friends about it.”  –  Samantha C.

★★★★★ “I am very skeptical about any fast weight loss treatments. I lift weights and do 90 minutes of cardio a day.  I reluctantly tried this because of a friend’s recommendation.  After just six 30 minute treatments, I am finally getting the six pack abs I could never achieve, my waist is smaller and the change is nothing short of miraculous!  My girl friend noticed the difference after the second session!” –  Frank S.

★★★★★ “My girl friend’s and I had scheduled a trip to Hawaii and I was desperate to get into swimsuit shape before we went, so I tried the Ultrasonic Body Contouring.  I couldn’t believe what an incredible transformation it gave me, I mean immediate results!  All my friends were so amazed and jealous, I had to tell them my secret… “ –  Judy M.

★★★★★ “This is simply miraculous, I lost 2 1/2 inches on my waist on the very first visit, my husband was astonished.  Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed to get in shape!”  – Cynthia S.

★★★★★ “World Class!  The staff was absolutely incredible, professional, and courteous! The treatment itself was very effective (I lost 3/4 of an inch immediately and am continuing to lose). I highly recommend this center for anyone who is interested in a fast, safe way to assist in their weight loss. – Kristen X.

★★★★★ “Instant Results!   After only my first visit I lost a 1/2 inch from both thighs and I am still seeing results days after my treatment. The experience was very relaxing like getting a massage and losing weight at the same time, losing weight doesn’t get much easier than this.”– Devrah E.

★★★★★ “Very Pleased – Beverly Hills ultra sculpt was very accommodating as I needed a last minute appointment for an event and they made it a priority to squeeze me in. Very nice and relaxing experience and very clean and professional. I will be referring a girlfriend or two for sure!”– Alisha W.

★★★★★ Very excited, my experience was pleasant and the staff was great, I look forward to my next appointment, and smaller thighs.” – Tracee B.

★★★★★ “Fantastic! Incredible! I would give this place 6 stars if I could! It is painless, relaxing, clean, professional – everyone there is AMAZING – they make you feel so comfortable. And it works too! I lost 11/2 inches off my stomach area which has been such a problem area for me! I will be back!” – Joyce W.

★★★★★ “Great place, very relaxing – The staff was very nice and professional and my Tech is so great easy to talk to and listen to. I’ll be back.” – Rick R.

★★★★★ Excellent and friendly staff.  I had my first appointment and every body was nice and pleasant,there was no pressure to buy any other treatments,I lost 1 inch one the first day and I was so pleased with the results and the staff I purchased 12 more treatments. – Rebecca L.

★★★★★ “Excellent customer service.  Staff is super friendly, they are not pushy trying to sale their services. I saw results immediately. I recommend to everyone who is thinking I trying this method to do it. Give if a chance and you will see results right away. – Maria T.

★★★★★ “Sooooo Relaxing. I had my first appt. yesterday 1/21/13 & it was so calming & absolutely pain free, she was so friendly, she made me like we had been knowing each other for years..I lost an Inch & a half off my tummy & will definitely be going back for more….” – Helen B.

★★★★★ “Amazing!!!  I went for my first treatment last night and I have already lost 2.5″! My technician was amazing and I am convinced that this will help me rid of my 8-year old baby fat.” – Qiana R.

★★★★★ “I Lost 1 1/2 Inches!  My first visit and I lost 1 1/2″! I couldn’t believe it! I was sceptical, but after losing so much off my tummy, I booked the 17 sessions! The staff was very professional and Ellie was the greatest! I am looking forward to my next visit!”  –  Tauna A.